Playful Patchwork Bundle Contributors

Top Row (Left to Right)

1. Andy of A Bright Corner - Andy is a quilter, pattern designer, and book author and has loved quilting for about as long as she can remember. She loves to teach and inspire through her many tutorials and patterns. Her work has a fresh, modern vibe and her patterns include multiple fabric and size options. Originally from Washington state, Andy now lives in Utah with her husband and two boys and has a great appreciation for a well-made chocolate chip cookie.

2. Eva of Gingerly Quilt Co. - Eva Saunders is a fabric artist and educator. Making use of her background in design, Eva founded Gingerly Quilt Co in 2021 to create, share and sell modern quilt patterns. Eva clearly remember when she first fell in love with sewing. She was about four years old when her grandmother, a seamstress, put her button tin in front of her and handed her needle and thread to keep Eva busy. She was hooked. Every following summer, Eva demanded that we make quilts, wall hangings, clothes or whichever idea her newest quilting magazine had to offer. She patiently taught Eva everything she needed to know, year after year. Eva lost my connection with quilting as a teenager and in college, but during the mask-making frenzy in 2020, something clicked again. Deeply. Amidst all the chaos and isolation during the pandemic, Eva enjoyed the calmness that overcomes you when you completely focus on a simple task. Sewing one piece of fabric onto another. Creating a useful, beautiful object you can touch and admire. Following this rekindled passion, Eva founded Gingerly Quilt Co to inspire quilters with my own, modern design ideas - so everybody can fall in love with quilting (again).

3. Fran of Cotton and Joy - Fran of Cotton and Joy has been sewing for nearly a decade. She loves designing quilts and contributing to the long tradition of quilting. Her aim is to create a fast-finishes that anyone, from inexperienced beginners to long-time quilters, can enjoy making

4. Heather of My Sew Quilty Life - Heather Briggs is the visionary founder of the My Sew Quilty Life brand and a fabric designer for Moda Fabrics. Drawing immense inspiration from nature, her design aesthetic is both feminine and timeless, with a romantic flair. Heather is best known for her enchanting floral quilt designs and whimsical creations, all crafted using traditional machine piecing methods. She also brings joy to her quilts by transforming ordinary items into charming, whimsical creations by incorporating her signature bows. Discover more about Heather and explore her fun designs at

5. Jennifer of Sew a Story - Jennifer Long is a Riley Blake Designs Fabric Designer, Quilt & Doll Pattern Writer, Machine Embroidery Digitizer and online educator. Jennifer is married and a mom to (4) pre-teens / teens and live on a little hobby farm in the prairies. She grew up training to be a professional ballet dancer, and later studied Early Childhood Education. Jennifer is passionate about all things FABRIC, imagination and design and am so blessed I can share this passion with others. ​This journey has inspired her to make a positive difference by designing dolls and quilt patterns and fabric for others to be EMPOWERED to sew themselves! Jennifer has designed dolls and quilts for individuals, organizations, companies, designers, authors of children’s books, and International companies for mass production. What Jennifer LOVES the most about creativity is finding INSPIRATION everywhere and in turn, INSPIRING others to do the same!

Bottom Row (Left to Right)

1. Kristin of WoollyPetals - Kristin is the pattern designer behind Woollypetals. Kristin loves all things crafty and quilting has my heart. She designs quilt patterns, and single block patterns, traditionally pieced and FPP, and occasionally a fun ornament or stuffed animal pattern. Kristin just really designs with her heart and go where the inspiration takes her. Which is usually fun and whimsical patterns like Don’t Let Go or Ghost Party. You can find Kristin hanging out on Instagram a lot sharing what she is working on and little bits of my life.
2. Lorna of Sew Fresh Quilts - Hello from Lorna of Sew Fresh Quilts! Known for animal themed quilts that use simple straight line sewing, Lorna enjoys creating fun patterns that will make you want to head straight to your sewing room to get started!

3. Nadra of Ellis & Higgs - Nadra Ridgeway is the creator and founder of ellis & higgs. As a passionate quilt pattern designer and teacher, Nadra helps quilters cultivate confidence in their creative abilities, learn new skills, and create beautiful quilts for their homes, families, and friends. Since childhood, crafting has been a great passion, whether it was embroidering, sewing or knitting. In the early 2000's, Nadra discovered quilting blogs on the internet and fell in love with the beautiful projects and fabrics. One of her first quilts was a baby quilt for her boy that she made with the help of quilters from a virtual quilting bee. After a few years as a hobby, quilting became a sideline with my first fabric collection for Riley Blake Designs. After starting the quilt pattern division, it quickly became a full-time business and I left the corporate world. Today Nadra has a huge selection of fun and easy to make quilt patterns and her projects have been featured in numerous national and international magazines and books. Nadra's mission is to ignite the creativity of crafters around the world. She wants to inspire and enable them to make something beautiful with their own hands and guide them on their way to a meaningful, creative life.

4. Satomi of Satomi Quilts LLC
- Satomi is from rural northern Japan and now lives in beautiful northwest Connecticut with her husband and two children. Satomi began quilting about eleven years ago when her husband’s mother, an experienced quilter originally from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, offered to teach her. Not only did her mother-in-law teach Satomi how to make the quilts, she also gave Satomi her fabrics, quilting notions and one of her sewing machines. Satomi started by learning hand applique and hand quilting, then Foundation Paper Piecing. Satomi made mostly traditional quilts at the beginning of her quilting journey. Although it didn’t take long for her to be drawn into the modern quilting world, her passion for quilting continued to grow, leading her to become more curious about designing her own quilts and experimenting with colors. In 2018, Satomi decided to pursue pattern designing, starting to design, write, and publish her own quilt patterns. Most of Satomi's patterns are for confident beginners and intermediate skill levels. Her goals are to create quilt patterns that everyone can enjoy, to share her passion for using a variety of colors in each quilt, and to bring joy through creativity.

5. Sterling of Sterling Quilting Company - Sterling LaBosky is the creative force behind Sterling Quilt Company. Sterling has been professionally longarm quilting and designing quilt patterns for almost 9 years. She took the plunge from just quilting hobby to career after her son was born and the thought of going back to the real world to work sounded like the worst. Sterling is truly grateful to share her love of quilting through her patterns and my longarm work. Sterling loves a mix of modern and traditional quilting and craft patterns that are fun and quick to piece. Her mission is to make quilting enjoyable and approachable for everyone to help spread the love of quilting to future generations.


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